Hey Duggee

Hey Duggee and Musical Squirrels Soft Toy


  • SOFT & CUDDLY: Made from super soft materials, perfect for hugs
  • FUN SOUNDS: Press footpads for story mode & music & silly sound mode
  • DUGGEE HUG: Features Duggee & the Squirrels together in their iconic Duggee hug pose
  • ICONIC PHRASES: Pat Duggee on the head for his WOOF phrases!!
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“A-Woof! Woof!” 30cm tall, action-packed and super soft cuddly toy Duggee.

Squeeze, press, or tap Duggee to hear songs, phrases and sounds from the CBeebies TV show. The Squirrel Club is here, too. The friends line up and add even more fun! Each one plays a part of the Hey Duggee banjo theme! Can you get them in the right order?

Makes a novel birthday gift or Christmas present for any fan of the TV show. Age from birth up; great fun for the very young.