Pet of the month: Meet Bonnie

Emma is our talented Executive Assistant & HR Officer...

...who has also trained as Golden Bear's very own mental health first aider, providing support to staff when they need it. On the back of Mental Health Awareness Week last week, we caught up with her to find out more about her dog Bonnie, and how Bonnie helps her stay sane working from home.

golden bear pet of the month meet bonnie

"Bonnie is a much-loved sock thief...

...who brightened my home as soon as she arrived at nine weeks old; she is my son’s best friend and a very loyal companion.  There have been many moments of laughter over the last year with Bonnie, her favourite games are bouncing on the trampoline (believe it or not), playing fetch and hide and seek.  Bonnie has some adorable traits too, she is very patient and enjoys my son reading a good book to her at bedtime.  Once asleep, Bonnie is often found with her tongue poking out and sleep-running."

golden bear pet of the month meet bonnie

“A healthy lifestyle plays an important role in easing many of the symptoms associated with mental ill-health, and having Bonnie encourages that.  To keep Bonnie calm and balanced, she has a consistent routine which also adds structure to my day.  We take daily walks in the fresh air to get that much-needed exercise and often get to meet new people and dogs along the way.  A general benefit of having a dog is that they live in the moment which helps us to be more mindful and appreciate the joy of the present, reducing any worries or anxieties we might experience."

'Taking a picture was not easy, she likes to lick my face!!'