Storage Solutions Success

Golden Bear Toys is not just taking steps to integrate innovation into all aspects of the business but taking giant leaps. We have introduced a new robotic storage solution to one of our warehouses to ensure that we are maximising the space we have available.

With 3500 locations available, we are offering out the opportunity to our local community to utilise this space also which enables us to generate a new income stream. The new robotic racking allows us to store heavier and taller pallets which gives our warehouse more diversity.

Standard warehouses of our size typically waste over 50% of the space by having the necessary isles to be able to have walkways and space for the forklifts. Our new storage solution allows us to turn this wasted space into usable, sellable space.

‘I am very proud of the work our team has done, led by Carl Catt, in installing the new racking into our warehouse.  It offers the company a new revenue stream, helps us future proof the business and allows us to deliver best in class warehousing and distribution to our current partners and prospective new ones.’ – Barry Hughes, Managing Director at Golden Bear Toys

We are thrilled to be able to open this opportunity up to our community in Telford and to work in tandem with our local businesses to work towards a common goal of innovative storage solutions.