We’re Exhibiting at Toymaster!

The Golden Bear Toys team will be showcasing some of our most exciting licensed and IP ranges to date at the 2023 Toymaster Show.

The award-winning interactive plush range, Curlimals is big focus at this year’s show. A stroke on the head awakens each Curlimal. They boast over 50 different sounds, phrases and movements, responding to play patterns. Each character uncurls to giggle, sing, hum, sneeze, and burp. When they’re tired, they’ll curl back into a ball and begin to softly snore. AW23 sees the range extend with the new Arctic Glow Curlimals including Perry Polar Bear and Pip Penguin featuring super-soft sparkly fur, Arctic animal sounds and a special light-up belly which changes colour when they’re warm and happy. Also new for AW23, Flutter Wonder Bella Bear brings a new play pattern to the range. Bella has sparkly, light up wings which flutter to show how she’s feeling, she’s a Curlimal with a little Flutter Wonder on top!

Windy Bums welcomes Zebra and Dinosaur to the collection. This fun, giggling, trumping plush range provides cheeky fun for all ages – simply tap their bums and hear them make trumping sounds while moving across the floor.

An innovative introduction to the Smart Ball range is Soccer Bot. New for AW23, this indoor football solution uses advanced smart sensor technology to keep track of the football, providing an unparalleled indoor football experience.

Squirty Gertie is an interactive game where the aim is to avoid getting wet! Including two modes of play, players must stay dry throughout the game. Either race against another player or opt for in-turn mode where one wrong move sees Gertie squirt water over the loser.

Farty Freddie is the ultimate pass the parcel farting game. When the music stops, Farty Freddie will fart, giggle or burp – and if he lets out a trump so BIG he shakes, then you’re OUT!

Mind Meld is a fast-paced, exciting new game based on the popular TikTok trend. Get ready to shout out your word and challenge others to see who can achieve the ultimate Mind Meld. With two game modes to choose from, you can play head-to-head or in a group, making Mind Meld the perfect game for any occasion and for players of all ages.

Continuing its long-standing partnerships with the BBC, WildBrain and Acamar, Golden Bear will also showcase its 2023 product launches across Hey Duggee, In the Night Garden and Bing ranges.

Talking Rainybow Bing is a cuddly interactive plush that talks, sings and helps young children learn.  Engaging pre-schoolers with Bing’s popular Rainybow Song, this new addition includes music and phrases from the show.

Wearing his stripey pyjamas, Sleepy Time Duggee features the iconic bedtime song from the show.  Super soft and snuggly, the soothing music and soft glowing lights aid relaxation. Perfect for quiet time, nap time or calm and cuddles time! Parental controls include volume control and an on/off switch.

In The Night Garden Talking Soft Toys are super-soft and cuddly. Each plays the iconic theme tune and character sounds from the show. Available as Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka, Talking Soft Toys use tactile fabrics and print detailing to help stimulate little one’s senses through touch and sight.