Pet of the month: Meet Harley

Say 'Hello' to our Golden Bear pet of the month Harley!

Harley belongs to Christine who is our Creative Director and also co-founder of Golden Bear too.

Her day to day role can vary from getting involved with new design projects to reviewing new inventor opportunities with the creative team.

Christine said "Harley is my cute, playful, purring little boy who just loves to join in with our meetings - in fact, he thinks it’s his laptop, not mine and has accidentally muted me many times! He never leaves my side and lots of my colleagues have already met him on screen.

Harley, who is now 5 years old, was rescued by the RSPCA in 2019 and nursed back to health. He won my heart with his inquisitive, expressive eyes and mischievous manner.
He definitely rules the house but I love being his doting, forever cat mum."

harley the cat