Curlimals – In Store in Smyths Today!

Our new brand Curlimals has launched today, and we are so thrilled to have all of the overwhelming support of content creators on both Youtube and Instagram!

Rhia Official, a very successful Content Creator on YouTube has over 5.6 million subscribers on her channel and posts some amazing reviews and unboxing videos of lots of different toys. We are so excited that Rhia has created a video surrounding the unboxing of the Curlimals!

From reading their own personality stories on their packaging to getting to know each individual Curlimal's sounds and reactions, Rhia Official has made some cuddly new friends!


"Uncurl the cuteness of Curlimals! They talk, sleep, sneeze, blow kisses and ultimately become your adorable new woodland best friend! I love them!"- Rhia Official

Higgle Hedgehog, Bibi Bunny and Blue Badger were adored by Rhia Official and have already received over 18 thousand views on Rhia Official’s Youtube Channel!

We have worked with lots of different Micro-Influencers as well leading up to the launch of the new brand and have received glowing reviews on their Instagram accounts!


We have seen the Curlimals make lots of new friends and are being admired in the comments too!


You can buy your own Curlimals today at Smyths Toys Superstore or shop online here

To learn more about the Curlimals then click here to visit the Official Curlimals Website!

You can also find the Curlimals on Facebook and Instagram