FunLockets Secret Journal Enjoyed By Instagram Families

The FunLockets Secret Journal is a Journal in a chic lockable case with secret compartments and 30+ accessories inside.

Recently, it has been enjoyed by a range of Instagram families who have been sharing their beautiful pictures and comments.

manicfunmum said 'it’s so cute!!! With so many little accessories!' and wrote 'Ariana’s face was pure delight unboxing her very first journal, it was so cute to watch 🥰 Ariana’s favourite part was discovering and unlocking 🗝 all of the surprise accessories hidden behind each compartment door 💕'

mimismagicaltoybox wanted one for herself! 'Seriously how does all this cuteness fit inside?? and do the do an adult version...please 😂 🙌'

luella.and.kaylo.x said 'Luella absolutely loves them! They are lockable and come with so many cool surprises it even comes with a unicorn key ring which is a bonus as all girls love unicorns.'

modelmckennaking2015 also had great feedback from her little girl, 'Mckenna absolutely loves this she always says it's got a key so I can lock it and my brothers can't get inside ♡ Every girl would love this secret diary with lots of fun inside ♡'

erins.captures 'gave this to Audrey last week and she was so pleased with it. The colours and design seem to be a 6 year old's dream. She's been writing secret notes in there which we aren't allowed to see, but having their own little diary is intended to really encourage mindfulness and self-expression which is obviously so important right now. All the little compartments and extras make it really fun too.'

allumsadventures thought the journals were good for mindfulness, 'this journal encourages mindfulness and self-expression making your journal unique to you with stickers galore and a cute unicorn charm keyring 🦄'

'Seriously how does all this cuteness fit inside??'

maya_moonicorn thought that 'having somewhere to write down my thoughts and feelings really helps me to work through any negative emotions! I feel so much more self aware and in tune with my feelings.
My favourite thing about writing in my journal is that its my free space to do whatever i want with! Whether its writing down my dreams, my goals or even revealing my secret crush!🤫'

darcey_nova_andme said 'Darcey has loved receiving this fun lockets secret diary. And after this past crazy year it's been a perfect chance for her to take some time out for herself and have somewhere to jot all her feelings and thoughts down. I absolutely love reading what Darcey has wrote in her diary (with permission of course 😉) and I will definitely keep them to show her when she's all grown up 😍'