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Mind Meld
  • Mind Meld brings the widely popular TikTok challenge to your home, delivering a fresh, modern and socially engaging gaming experience.
  • Competitive Excitement: Race against friends to grab the squeezy brain and score points, creating a thrilling atmosphere of competition and camaraderie.
  • Use the Mind Meld Headband to maximise your telepathic abilities and match words! Can you get a Mind Meld?
  • Unforgettable Fun: Prepare for addictive gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. Warning: Melding minds can be highly addictive and lead to countless hours of entertainment!v

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No two games are alike! The quiz master constantly mixes things up, ensuring a fresh, unpredictable gameplay every single time. Your knowledge is not the only thing put to the test – your speed and reflexes matter too!

Hold on to your seats and listen for the quiz master’s whistle. Be the fastest to hit the buzzer and decide if the question is true or false. With a fast-paced race to score 20 points, victory is not just about knowing football – it’s about knowing it faster than everyone else!

Are you ready to take the challenge? Enter the Fanzone – it’s game time!

Kick off your ultimate football trivia adventure today with Fanzone. Play, compete, and dominate. Your buzzer is waiting.

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Secret Message Maker
  • GIVE SECRET MESSAGES TO YOUR BFF using stencils, scratch cards, filters and a mirror! Who’ll get YOUR first one?
  • DISCOVER, WRITE, REVEAL: A world of secrets and codes awaits! Send private notes to friends!
  • HIDDEN KEYS AND MYSTERIES: Open each door to discover still more surprises and secrets. Age six plus
  • FUN PACKED: Boasts 40+ surprises! Secret keys, decoder filter, mirror, stencils, stickers and more!

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Transforming Duggee Space Rocket
  • MUSIC AND SOUND: Includes lots of silly space sounds as well as the new ‘Space Song!’
  • LIGHT UP ROCKET JETS: bright colourful lights emerge from the jets
  • SPACEMAN DUGGEE: Duggee in his space outfit, an exclusive figurine, is here to drive the ship
  • SPACE ROCKET FEATURES: Opening doors, pop out wings and a sliding hatch enhance the play
  • SURPRISE CHARACTER: Alien frog is hidden inside the rocket for added hilarity

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Duggee and Stick Twin Pack
  • Duggee is wearing his Squirrel Club outfit complete with his Stick Badge
  • Makes a terrific gift for children who love Hey Duggee on TV
  • Recreate the funny Stick Badge TV show episode or take Duggee and Stick on adventures of your own
  • As featured in the CBeebies Hey Duggee episode The Stick Badge

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Diddy Duggee Soft Toys
  • COLLECT THE ALL: Available in 5 characters – Betty, Tag, Norrie, Happy and Roly
  • 5 CHARACTERS TO COLLECT: Available in 5 characters – Betty, Tag, Norrie, Happy and Roly
  • AUTHENTIC CHARACTERS: Based on the loveable Squirrels featured in the new CBeebies show, Hey Duggee
  • PERFECT FOR CUDDLES: Soft and colourful, these are perfect for cuddle time

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Sleepy-time Duggee

Press Duggee’s hand to hear the soothing Bedtime song from the CBeebies show, loved by little Duggee fans.

Soft glowing lights to help children wind down and relax.

Soothing sounds include soft Duggee woofs and snores – there’s volume control and an on/off button so adults can choose when to stop the sounds and lights.

Extra soft and cuddly for cosy Duggee hugs, just like in the TV show.

Duggee is all ready for bed, wearing his striped pyjamas and nightcap.

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Hey Duggee 4 Figure Pack
  • AUTHENTIC HEY DUGGEE TOY: Based on the loveable characters featured in the new CBeebies show, Hey Duggee
  • INCLUDES 4 CHARACTERS: Duggee, Enid, Happy and Betty OR Duggee, Tag, Roly and Norrie
  • ENCOURAGES ROLEPLAY AND DEXTERITY: Gets kids using their imagination!
  • QUALITY, SAFETY AND RELIABILITY: Our toys are designed to stimulate a child’s imagination whilst helping to develop early skills!

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Explore and Snore Camping Duggee with Stick
  • STICKY STICK: Includes a 10cm tall Sticky Stick plush and 6 nature factoid cards
  • 2 in 1: Daytime hiking outfit transforms into Duggee in his sleeping bag
  • REVERSIBLE: Roll Duggee into his sleeping bag by pulling his backpack round to the front and tuck him in
  • FREE CONTENT- Scan the exclusive QR code for loads of dowladable games, crafts, receclying tips andmore!

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Secret Surprise Take And Play Set Dinosaurs With Duggee
  • REVEAL SURPRISES! Figures, secrets and more with accessories galore in this Hey Duggee playse
  • OPEN THE WINDOWS, FIND THE TOYS: Unbox the fun like an advent calendar! Open a door to discover more
  • PACKAGING TRANSFORMS into Duggee’s prehistoric world! Packaging becomes a colourful backdrop and a handy carry case
  • ENCOURAGES IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Act out scenes or make up new adventures with figures and accessories
  • LOTS OF CONTENT: Exclusive Duggee figurine, Dinosaur Tag, a fire, fossils, a skateboard and much more!

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