Curlimals Bibi the Bunny


  • WOODLAND CREATURES WITH ADORABLE FEATURES: These super-cute woodland friends talk, respond to touch… AND CURL UP INTO A CUTE BALL OF FUR!
  • BIBI IS THE SASSIEST INTERACTIVE BUNNY She makes sounds that reflect her fun, lively and bouncy personality – and reacts to you! Kids will want to play with her and look after her
  • SO SIMPLE! Pet her head, stroke her nose and tickle her tummy to activate 50+ SOUNDS AND REACTIONS
  • ADORABLE PHRASES including “You’re my bestie”, and “Let’s play!”. She also sings, asks for tummy tickles, giggles, hiccups and when she’s feeling tired or shy she CURLS UP AND STARTS SNORING!
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Bibi Bunny has her own unique noises. Stroke her fluffy fur and she sings happily. Touch the top of Bibi’s head to activate sound effects and movements! Her range of super-cute spoken phrases include ‘I love you!’, ‘Hug me!’ and ‘You’re my bestie!’ Bibi also makes yawning noises – and there’s more…Pet Bibi to get even more reactions. She hiccups, sneezes – and sometimes burps! Tickle her tummy and Bibi laughs with delight. She also says, ‘Byeee!’ and curls into a ball before making gentle sleeping noises.

The range of noises Curlimals make encourages young children to really look after their cheeky forest friends. Boys and girls alike love patting and petting these gorgeous, animated and speaking soft-furred toys. Your little one is sure to adore Bibi: a terrific bunny rabbit gift!

Safe playing for little ones, these make a perfect gift for children ages 3 to 5 years old and perfectly suits children who dream of owning a funny animal playmate.

Curlimals also help your child learn and grow; developing intelligence through pattern recognition and imagination play. They also stimulate imagination and help develop a child’s early skills.