Perry Polar Bear


Soft and snuggly Arctic Glow Curlimal character.

Responds to you with over 50 sounds and reactions – encourages interaction and pattern recognition.

Giggles, makes noises and talks in cute phrases.

Rub Perry’s nose to warm him up and see his tummy light up in his magical colour.

Great for interactive and imaginative play and teaches nurturing behaviour.




Uncurl the glowing cuteness. Perry the Polar Bear is your super-soft and snuggly new friend from the Arctic. He’s enchantingly interactive! Pat his head to hear him giggle and react, with over 50 different sounds. Rub his nose to warm him up and see his glowing light-up tummy. Tickle his tummy and Perry curls up to sleep, like all good Curlimals. Perry is the perfect cuddly pet for children aged 3-5 years. Teaches pattern recognition and inspires imaginative play about caring for a pet.