Curlimals Higgle the Hedgehog


  • WOODLAND CREATURES WITH ADORABLE FEATURES: These super-cute woodland friends talk, respond to touch… AND CURL UP INTO A CUTE BALL OF FUR!
  • HIGGLE IS THE SWEETEST INTERACTIVE HEDGEHOG He makes sounds that reflect his shy, tickly, giggly personality – and reacts to you! Kids will want to play with him and look after him
  • SO SIMPLE! Pet his head, stroke his nose and tickle his tummy to activate 50+ SOUNDS AND REACTIONS
  • ADORABLE PHRASES including “I love you” and “Excuse me!” when he sneezes from hayfever. He also asks for tickles, giggles, makes kiss-kiss noises and when he’s feeling tired or shy he CURLS UP AND STARTS SNORING!
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Higgle, Blue & Bibi will delight and enchant your child from the second they meet! Soon they will be merrily giggling, singing, humming…or maybe even burping!

Each Curlimal has their own personality, so listen out for their unique sounds…. Some might be a little bit cheeky!


Barcode TBC
Pack Quantity 6
Batteries Required? Yes
Batteries Included? Yes
Packaging Open Display Box
Material Plush & Plastic
Age 3+
Dimensions (WxDxH in cm) 9 x 10 x 17