Popsy the Mouse


INTERACTIVE MOUSE: Cuddly toy friend reacts to YOU. Talks, makes noises, curls into a ball. So cute.

RESPONDS TO YOU WITH 50+ SOUNDS & REACTIONS: Pet the toy mouse to hear adorable giggles, sneezes, phrases and more.

NURTURE THE NATURE: Kids love the sound and motion in this plush toy With colourful, super-soft fur.

WONDERFULLY CUTE kid’s toy makes a perfect Christmas gift or ideal birthday present. Recommended by the Good Play Guide for encouraging nurturing behaviour and support emotional development.

GREAT VALUE: Safe, well-made toy offers fun and friendship to kids who love animals / let’s pretend.

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There’s something magical at the bottom of the garden. Curlimals are super-cute toys that move, talk and respond to touch. Pat their heads and these woodland friends giggle, curl up and make funny noises. Pet Popsy the Mouse to hear her yawn, say I love you and ask for hugs. She also makes kissy noises, gets hiccups and more. An adorable interactive toy.