CBeebies 20th Anniversary

Today is a very important day as we are celebrating a full 20 years of CBeebies. This BBC channel which is dedicated to entertaining viewers six and under has had an incredibly successful 20 years and has been committed to education, inclusivity and purely making children happy.

We at Golden Bear are thrilled to have licenses for the toys of three on the Guardian’s top 20 list within the last 20 years, including the number one spot, Hey Duggee.

In the Night Garden is number 18 on the list and has been described as ‘the first CBeebies show a child will fall in love with’ by Stuart Heritage from the Guardian. The modern televisual interpretation of a nursery rhyme picture book is all about a magical place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child’s imagination. In the Night Garden ensures that children are comforted whilst they play with the characters they see on screen. Congratulations to Iggle Piggle and friends!

'I was so enamoured of the Twirlywoos I rushed out and bought the pull along boat for my granddaughter'

At number 12 is the Twirlywoos! These mischievous characters, Great BigHoo, Toodloo, Chickedy, Chick, and Peekaboo love to explore in their big red boat. Whilst travelling to the real world and discovering something new, they encourage children to gain confidence in perceptions of their own lives and develop their inquisitiveness. The Twirlywoos’ child-centric slapstick humour has been a big hit with children, and we are proud to hold their toy license to bring the comedy of the Twirlywoos home.

It will come as no surprise that the number one spot on The Guardian’s top 20 CBeebies shows list is Hey Duggee!


Duggee and the rest of the Squirrels have been a hit with children (and their parents) since the moment it arrived on our screens. The Squirrel Club provides a fun and safe way for children to learn, explore and activity badges. This fast and funny show has proven to be educational and has encouraged children all over the country to participate in their own activities and try and earn their own badges. Not only does this show provide entertainment for children through watching it on television but it encourages children to learn new skills and to explore the world around them.

'Such an obvious No 1... but it had to be Hey Duggee.'

Hey Duggee has been extremely successful so far in 2022 with our Duggee Space Rocket being one of Toy Fair’s top Hero toys of the year!

We are so proud of you Duggee!. A-Woof!

Congratulations to all that were included in The Guardian's top 20, and Happy Anniversary to CBeebies!