Success at Toy Fair 2022

This week we took to the London 2022 Toy Fair with a whole host of exciting new licenced, IP, and distribution ranges ready for the year ahead.

Continuing our long-term partnerships with the BBC, WildBrain and Acamar and we have unveiled our new product lines and planned marketing activities across our new Baby Club, Hey Duggee, In the Night Garden and Bing ranges.

'Fantastic week at the show.  A wonderful team effort.  Fantastic to see customers, licensors and associates face to face again and to show off our awesome new products on a modern fresh forward looking stand.  Really proud of everyone involved in getting the show back on the road again.'
- Barry Hughes, Managing Director

The ground-breaking CBeebies show, The Baby Club, has been a hit amongst parents and the star of the show, Baby Bear has now come to life since we have signed as a plush partner for the show. Whilst boosting child development, this entertaining and educational show features Baby Bear who is looked after by the presenters, Giovanna Fletcher, and Nigel Clarke.

Our Baby Bear soft toy is an exact replica of the show’s star, and we are thrilled to have him as part of our licenced portfolio.

Extensions to the In the Night Garden, Hey Duggee, and Bing ranges were also displayed at the fair with award winning products across multiple international territories.

Innovative design across plush and playset lines are evident in our hero items such as the new Hey Duggee Transforming Duggee Space Rocket, Explore & Snore Camping with Duggee, and Secret Surprise Take and Play sets.

This range includes exciting features, iconic phrases, a not to the infectious Hey Duggee humour and songs from the show.

The new addition to WildBrain’s In the Night Garden is the Igglepiggle Super Soft Blankie Bundle was also showcased at the fair. This cuddly Igglepiggle comes with a detachable comfort blanket for littles ones to cuddle up with or to wrap Igglepiggle up with at bedtime.

New Bing lines have additionally been designed to recreate popular scenes from the show like the new Bing & Biteysaurus soft toy. This toy comes completed with a Bing dress-up costume to match his famous toy dinosaur, Biteysaurus. The new Bing Figurine Play packs allow pre-schoolers to bring their favourite bunny and his companions to life through themed sets.


The award-winning IP, Windy Bums, has introduced two new characters to those who have attended the fair this year. This giggling, trumping plush range welcomes Donkey and Pig to join the already popular family of Monkey, Unicorn, and Panda.

Our brand-new IP Curlimals has made its debut at this year’s show as well. These adorable woodland creatures form a range of entry-level interactive plush which respond to touch with over 50 sounds and reactions. Initially Curlimals have launched with three colourful characters- Higgle, the purple hedgehog, Bibi, the pink bunny, and blue Badger, Blue. Each Curlimal has their own unique sounds to reflect their lovable personalities.

'What a great week. 😃
It was wonderful to be able share our exciting new product and marketing plans in person at London Toy Fair. Combining the physical show with our virtual platform took our stand to the next level and allowed us to showcase how far we have come as a business over the last two years.
We had a very positive show across all of our brands and we are very excited about the launch of Curlimals and Squirty Gertie into two new product categories for Golden Bear in 2022.
Well done team, you smashed it!'
- Becky Matthews, UK Sales & Marketing Director


We are continuing to extend our Smart Ball football challenge and training range too! We hope to drive value and quality in the outdoor toys category with the launch of the high-tech Smart Ball Skills Ball. The ball invites players to improve toe taps, pass from foot to foot, and practice longer kicks. Perfect for solo training or for challenging friends, the Skills Ball has a built-in sensor, bung, marker cones, instructions, and an adjustment tool which allows players to swap the senser and bung and use the ball as a normal football.


With a long-term business strategy to develop its family games offering, we showcased our own IP, Squirty Gertie, an interactive game for all ages where the aim is to avoid getting wet. Including two modes of play, players compete to beat their opponents by remaining dry throughout the game. Race against each other in competition mode or opt for in turn mode where one wrong mooove sees Gertie Squirt water over the loser.


'It was absolutely amazing to be back at a live event and witness first-hand the positive reaction to our brands and products. The Golden Bear team worked hard to deliver a new customer experience at Toy Fair combining a virtual platform and actual products to showcase our brands, this was well received by many attendees and something we are very proud of.'
- Kate Goss, Creative Manager

This week has been a great success and we are proud to have been a part of such a spectacular event!

We also can't forget to congratulate Duggee once more for being named one of Toy Fair's 2022 Hero Toys!