Curlimals Sales are Smashing Sales Targets!

We are so excited to announce that the sales of our new brand Curlimals “have exceeded our wildest expectations”. – Managing Director, Barry Hughes

In the initial two-week launch period, the Curlimals characters have held the top three spots for Amazon’s hot new releases, and the range has tripled the forecasted targets!

Higgle the Hedgehog, Bibi the Bunny, and Blue the Badger are becoming every child’s best friend with success from influencer marketing and a humongous amount of engagement from excited parents.

The three Curlimals are the cutest woodland creatures who respond to touch with over 50 sounds and reactions. Each Curlimal has its own personality with its unique responses and sounds. With revisions of the forecasts to ensure stock for the all-important Q4 period, we are continuing to use data-driven insights to shape the development of the range and to aid future marketing strategies.

“We always knew that we’d have a hit on our hands with Curlimals after we saw the reaction of kids during our research”, continues Barry.

“The internal buzz continued during development and then we had such positive retailer responses during previews and trade show season.

A special thank you must go out to our primary UK and Ireland launch partner, Smyths Toys, for their initial enthusiasm and support.

We’re excited about what the future holds for the brand and the product extensions that we will be sharing for 2023.

We’re now preparing for our next launch phase with the range due to roll out internationally, including Australasia, Benelux, and Hungary, with more territories soon to be announced.”

Our dedicated Curlimals Website – is proving to be a success also with a strong number of visits to the site as well as high download figures of our online content. We have lots of activities for parents and children to get along with such as coloring competitions, a Curlimals Quiz and so much more!

With super strong marketing plans which are scheduled for the end of the year across all territories including TV advertising and sponsorship, influencer partnerships, and digital, social, and PR campaigns, we are extremely excited to see the Curlimals grow even further and become even more of a success!

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