The Toy Trust Big Challenge 2022

A team of Golden Bear employees made a splash at this year's Toy Trust award in Wallingford last weekend!
Golden Bear had a fantastic team that competed in the Dragon Boat Race on Saturday afternoon!
The Filthy Oars were unbeaten on Saturday, winning both races but missing out on a place in the final by 1 second.
This was a HUGE success and we are so proud of the team given the fact that they were a team of 8, competing against teams of between 10-16 people.
'We had so much fun, despite it being a little wet and windy to begin with. A big thank you to those who came to support us, the little ones who shouted us on from the sidelines, and a special thank you to the partners who were drafted in - it was so lovely to meet the extended GB family.'
- Emma Graham- Filthy Oars Team Member




A whopping £2,247 was raised for Toy Trust by the Golden Bear community!