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Curlimals Blue the Badger
  • WOODLAND CREATURES WITH ADORABLE FEATURES: These super-cute woodland friends talk, respond to touch… AND CURL UP INTO A CUTE BALL OF FUR!
  • SO SIMPLE! Pet his head, stroke his nose and tickle his tummy to activate 50+ SOUNDS AND REACTIONS
  • BLUE IS THE CHEEKIEST INTERACTIVE BADGER He makes sounds that reflect his lively, playful and mischievous personality – and reacts to you! Kids will want to play with him and look after him
  • ADORABLE PHRASES including “I’m so happy” and “Laters” and he also asks for tickles! He also giggles, Yawns, farts and blows raspberries and when he’s feeling tired or shy he CURLS UP AND STARTS SNORING!

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Baby Bear Soft Toy
  • AUTHENTIC BABY CLUB TOY: Based on the very cute star of the ground-breaking CBeebies show- Baby Bear
  • HELPS CHILDREN DEVELOP: Baby Bear encourages children to learn and explore the curious world around them
  • CUTE AND CUDDLY: Baby Bear is made of super soft fabric with beautiful fleecy nappy
  • QUALITY, SAFETY AND RELIABILITY: Our toys are designed to be baby safe and help develop early skills


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The Baby Club

Shhh, don’t wake Baby Bear. Based on the stars of the ground-breaking CBeebies show it’s time to bring The Baby Club home. Wind up the key … Read More

Windy Bums

Windy Bums: wiggly, jiggly, giggly characters… That fart! Meet the unique unicorn, parping panda… And mischievous monkey!

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